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It's time we spoke up for fantastic hospital

11:30am Monday 18th March 2013

I made a complaint in December about Colchester General Hospital’s A&E department.

Open Road is there to help

11:28am Monday 18th March 2013

I was very worried about someone I knew who was being caught up in drugs and alcohol to help with depression.

How High Street car ban will cost me both time and money

11:24am Monday 18th March 2013

Is it not about time Colchester woke up to the fact we have had enough of our “representatives” informing us what is good for us and the town?

Why Sir Bob isn't laughing

12:54pm Tuesday 11th September 2012

In response to comments claiming Sir Bob Russell does not have a sense of humour over the removal of a Twitter account pretending to be him, anyone who knows Sir Bob will be aware how far from the truth these claims are.

Keep cadets out of schools

12:50pm Tuesday 11th September 2012

A Cadet corps in a school – good or bad idea? As Bob Russell mentioned, we have in Colchester properly-run cadet corps – naval via TS Colne, air via the well-established ATC/Air Cadets and Army likewise. The ATC and Army cadets are within the garrison.

Stop religious discrimination

12:45pm Tuesday 11th September 2012

As an avowed atheist, I find comments by Nigel Mountford, headteacher of Harwich and Dovercourt High School (Gazette September 7), that pupil Harry Prosser’s religion is not a real one, baffling.

Make proper welfare reform a legacy of the Paralympics

12:42pm Tuesday 11th September 2012

While the Paralympic Games were a great success in portraying disability in a positive light, unfortunately this mom-ent has been overshadowed by fears of disabled people that benefit cha nges may hit their ability to live independent lives.

We didn’t fire live rounds on show stalls

4:18pm Monday 10th September 2012

Since my previous letter, a member or members of the public complained to trading standards officers, who in turn reported to the police that live rounds were fired at our stall at the military show in Harwich and Point Clear show. Absolute rubbish. I cannot believe anybody would believe live rounds were fired.

Post office looked after

4:16pm Monday 10th September 2012

I would like to correct a misleading impression in an article in the Gazette on the future of the former Rowhedge post office.

Labour not to blame, Bob

4:15pm Monday 10th September 2012

I felt it important to respond to the story (Gazette, September 6) regarding a spoof Twitter account set up in Sir Bob Russell ’s name. This is a very unfortunate case, and I would like to take this opportunity to confirm no one from Colchester Labour Party has been involved in this spoof.

Bus service cannot cope with more housing development

4:14pm Monday 10th September 2012

I read with interest an article on car dependency in Colchester and a letter from councillor Martin Goss regarding the building of another 1,600 houses in Mile End and made a simple connection between the two.

Good Samaritan Tom gives us hope for NHS

11:54am Friday 20th July 2012

A few weeks ago, while getting on to the No 65 bus in Colchester Bus Park, I tripped over the step and fell on to my knees on the platform.

Buy the Code...and read it

11:53am Friday 20th July 2012

Caroline Tilley (My View, July 18) suggestsed anyone who didn’t agree with her method of driving round mini-roundabouts should “buy yourself a copy of the Highway Code”. Section 162 of the Highway Code says take the left lane at a roundabout to go left, the left lane for an intermediate exit and the right lane for the last exit. Section 164 says mini-roundabouts should be approached in the same way as normal roundabouts. In other words, lane discipline is identical in both circumstances.

What Cameron said about Bob

11:50am Friday 20th July 2012

In a news story in the Gazette (July 18), our local MP, Sir Bob Russell , was reported as having challenged the Prime Minister over the decision to cut the size of the Army to 80,000. It added that Mr Cameron said: “Sir Bob speaks with great power about military issues.”

We've waited long enough for our car-free High Street

11:48am Friday 20th July 2012

Half of Colchester’s travelling residents, inc- luding students and the elderly, have no access to a private car, yet they are suffering the severe air pollution caused in our town centre streets by the thousands of unnecessary cars every day. We have waited more than a decade for a car-free High Street, which will cut pollution and congestion, but it must start at 8am to include peak traffic, not 10am.

How about trial of traffic management ideas?

2:36pm Thursday 19th July 2012

THERE have been many comments over recent weeks about further delays to any potential changes to traffic management in Colchester town centre and, in particular, in High Street.

Centre closure ill-conceived

2:34pm Thursday 19th July 2012

I LIVE in Brightlingsea and I am writing to say how totally I agree with the writer of the letter concerning the closure of the Martin’s Farm recycling centre at St Osyth (July 12).

Our rail line is left out again

2:32pm Thursday 19th July 2012

SO the Government is to spend billions on the rail network, but the London to Norwich line loses out once again.

Village's community spirit is example for whole country

2:30pm Thursday 19th July 2012

I WAS delighted to hear my home village, Alresford, and my council ward on Tendring Council won Essex Village of the Year.

Tell us about police post

2:29pm Thursday 19th July 2012

THE letter from Ken Warne (July 16) tells it all.

Distant call centre crazy

2:28pm Thursday 19th July 2012

I READ the story about Dairy Crest using a call centre thousands of miles away to deal with customer queries (Gazette, July 17).

Stick to deal on farm land

2:26pm Thursday 19th July 2012

THE only realistic longterm use for the site of the Buntings’ proposed heritage and conservation centre in Great Horkesley is to return it to agricultural or horticultural use.

My blue badge expired and I'm still waiting for a new one

2:24pm Thursday 19th July 2012

I READ with disbelief the letter (July 16) from Tracey Greatrex, director of community support services at Essex Cares, telling us what a good job her organisation was doing issuing blue badges.

Disappointing frontage on revamped W&G

1:56pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

Williams and Griffin is an excellent store, which I frequent.

Beware of fading fascias

1:55pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

The visual impression of the planned new Tesco off Butt Road, Colchester, looks very smart.

Do away with first class

1:53pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

Why should railways still have first class travel?

New roads are not the answer

1:47pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

Colchester’s traffic jams are caused because people have fallen into a lifestyle where they are car dependent; worse, some are daily car-dependent.

Why pay for Horkesley Park when we can have it free?

1:46pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

Compared to such world-famous destinations as Chatsworth House and gardens (entry fee £15), Holkham Hall and grounds (£12) or the Dedham Vale (free), it is hard to believe almost 300,000 people will want to pay to visit Horkesley Park, especially when virtually everything it plans to offer can be seen locally for free.

We need a hostel for the homeless

1:45pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

I am writing with regard to the proposal by a developer for three hotels in Colchester (Gazette, June 20).

Congratulations to Midnight Walkers

1:44pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

I am writing to say how great the Midnight Walkers looked with their flickering, lit-up bunny ears, boas, tutus and lots of other outfits, and to give my congratulations to each and every one.

Market forces are just like gravity

1:43pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

While this may not be a popular opinion to hold, I believe Gordon Brown was a compassionate, capable and committed politician devoted to both his party and nation.

Wait for the text train if all seats are taken…or stand

1:43pm Tuesday 26th June 2012

I commute to London by train every day and I’d like to comment on the article in last Thursday’s Gazette about the passengers complaining about being fined for sitting in first class.

Parents should realise raising children is full-time job

3:05pm Wednesday 30th May 2012

I am writing with regard to the story about parenting advice, headlined: “Kerry’s parenting blogs proving an internet hit”, Gazette (May 24).

Don’t blame club for foul language

3:04pm Wednesday 30th May 2012

As a 25-year resident of Dedham and 15-year spectator at Dedham Old Boys Football Club, it was with some bemusement I read the Gazette’s recent report of the ongoing saga over players’ foul language.

Why not go back to days when fair was smaller?

3:04pm Wednesday 30th May 2012

Firstly, thank you for your sympathetic editorial about this year’s Wivenhoe May Fair (Gazette, May 29).

We didn’t have a problem with the old waste system

1:02pm Tuesday 29th May 2012

There have been many letters condemning the new recycling system created for the Tendring district, but in principle I applaud the idea very much.

Congratulations on Olympimad

1:02pm Tuesday 29th May 2012

On Saturday evening, I attended Olympimad, a MAD Theatre performance at the West Cliff Theatre, Clacton.

Saving Joyce Brooks tenants from eviction must be priority

1:01pm Tuesday 29th May 2012

Colchester Council has, during the past year or so, taken unpopular decisions on Abbots Activity Centre and sheltered housing.

Kath’s vision gave us Firstsite

2:09pm Monday 28th May 2012

I am sure you will receive many tributes to Kath Wood, but I would like to add my contribution.

I wasn’t one of the boozers!

2:09pm Monday 28th May 2012

I was upset to see my picture on the front page and page seven of Thursday’s Gazette in relation to a story about Missoula’s opening hours.

Mr Mills, you are very rude

2:08pm Monday 28th May 2012

Having read the letter from David Mills (May 24), I have come to the conclusion he is a very rude and should be reprimanded for his outburst.

Recycling here is a disaster

2:07pm Monday 28th May 2012

Well done, Gary Scott.

Councillors, you’ve got it so wrong over giant uni car park

2:06pm Monday 28th May 2012

It is ironic Colchester Council’s approval of the 380-space car park at Essex University came on the same day the Danish transport minister told the UK Government where it was going wrong on planning and cycling.

Diabetics can celebrate Queen’s jubilee

2:20pm Friday 11th May 2012

I am sure many readers are planning to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee with parties for family, friends and neighbours.

Arrest ‘prize draw’ crooks

2:20pm Friday 11th May 2012

It is pretty awful when you desperately need a good holiday and can’t afford it, and you are constantly told you’ve won thousands of pounds by companies who send you “prize allocation notifications” in scam draws.

Beeb should not compete

2:19pm Friday 11th May 2012

It is a genuine concern of the BBC to provide value to payers of its often politically controversial licence fee.

Did town mayor’s young son flee to Australia in disgrace?

2:19pm Friday 11th May 2012

I am the grandson of Harry John Cant, who was born in Colchester in 1858 and was the second child of Benjamin Revett Cant, a mayor of Colchester and a well-known rose grower.

Talk to residents on play area garden plan

2:53pm Tuesday 8th May 2012

In the Gazette report (April 30) headlined, “We want play area made into a garden”, Emma Cruickshank, resident involvement officer for landowner Colne Housing, was reported to have said: “We have already posted leaflets and held two public meetings.”

Tacky Tory campaign

2:53pm Tuesday 8th May 2012

I want to sincerely thank the 64 per cent of voters in Mile End who re-elected me on May 3. I have also been very humbled by all the kind messages and e-mails from local residents following the results.

Bobby showed homes alarm

2:52pm Tuesday 8th May 2012

As Tim Eustace and Norman Bailey have pointed out in the Letters column, closing down sheltered housing in Colchester and evicting older people from the homes they love are not the actions of anybody concerned with social justice.



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