IT was a strange moment for Colchester United fans at 3pm, on Saturday afternoon.

We actually had a home fixture that wasn’t called off due to the rain and our pitch was playable, rather than resembling a World War One battlefield.

Now a lot has been said about how poor our pitch is and rightly so.

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With games being called off at short notice, no-one was affected more than away fans who spent time and money on travelling to North Essex for no reason.

There needs to be a proper process installed to try and find a way to prevent last minute call-offs.

With all this said and done, the club does deserve credit for how they managed to find an ‘out of the box’ solution to the problem of the pitch being unplayable.

The majority of the problems we had were in the south east corner of the stadium and while most of the rest of the pitch has been problematic, this was the chief area of concern every time it rained in Colchester.

So what did the club do? They looked at the regulations and decided to take the drastic action of changing the size of the pitch.


While this might seem extreme, it removed the problem corner at a stroke and should allow us to see out the remainder of our season – fingers crossed – without worrying about the weather.

With the pitch issue addressed, we can turn to the other pressing issue which is the relegation battle we are deeply involved in.

The long wished-for home game against Walsall ended in a draw, yet another game that followed the narrative of the season.

We held our own against a team much higher in the league and did not look outclassed, but a few moments of madness cost us all three points.

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A point against a play-off chasing team looks OK on paper, but the reality is that it was two points dropped rather than one gained. How many times have we said that this term?

But we have climbed a place in the table and now out of the relegation zone on goal difference; not great but right now, anything is better than nothing.

All that is guaranteed is that we are in for a rollercoaster few weeks.

BBC Essex made interesting listening last Friday evening when chairman Robbie Cowling took part in a question and answer session with fans.


For those of you that have not heard it, I would recommend finding it on catch up.

No doubt there are fans who will disagree with his answers or the way that he deals with things but it can't be denied that he answered every question without shying away and gave what he saw as honest and plain answers.

We have to remember as fans that there is sometimes a difference between the answers we want and what is given but we have to credit him for going on, especially as he knew most questions would relate to the relegation battle and the pitch, even if I personally feel the most pressing issue is why they no longer sell Twix in the concourse.

Regardless of how small the pitch is now and what answers Robbie gave on the radio, one thing remains - we have a season to complete and we are in desperate need of points.

Now is not the time for divide - the post mortem can take place in the summer.

Right now, let's get behind the lads and do all we can to maintain our league status. Up the U’s.