COLCHESTER United were beaten 2-1 at home by Crawley Town, on Saturday afternoon.

Here are the views of U's fans, following their side's fourth successive league defeat.

Paul Chisnall

The players' and managers' performance was unacceptable. Too many players gave little or no effort. There was no intensity after the 1st goal. Only Read and Jay showed the effort required. Front 2 had poor games, and the lack of inventiveness, intensity, and passion was evident.

Just plain old me

Hard to see where the next point is coming from.. can't defend, can't keep the ball and hardly look like scoring


Steve Duckling

I said at the time of Etherington’s appointment that it was premature and should have let him continue as interim for a few more games. I stand by that as it’s now proven that he is not our man. @SydneyWilkins11 said we should have appointed Neil Harris and I agree with him.

Dave B

We are terrible to watch. Thought ME had shown some tactical nous during his interim stay, but today was terrible. We looked like a bunch of strangers. Unorganised, ambling around aimlessly, no fight & unfit. The appointment of ME & the recruitment process need to be questioned


Steve Marriage

Nothing has changed Jon. This is the same approach as Garner had to every game. ME after the game was clueless. If what you are doing doesn’t work, change it, don’t repeat the same failing team/tactics week in week out and expect a different result!! We need experience in charge.

Steve Wright

ME too scared 2 fault the players in his interview, because that's what Garner did & he lost the dressing room, too weak. If he is happy with their effort today, then we are in trouble. Need an experienced boss, not frightened 2 shake up the players. No leadership on or off pitch



The season relegation becomes reality, how many seasons flirting with it is it now???? #Colu embarrassing us for years now.

Simon Fitzgerald

Crowley been having a real go at getting us relegated last few seasons I think he may have got the formula just right this time Jon

David Clayton

ME is clearly a mistake but the players are just as complicit. Unable to play simple passes, not willing to track runners. It’s appalling. Only Read & Jay can take any credit. Taylor & Egbo, usually reliable, were shocking. ME’s attitude is filtering to the team & it shows. Bleak.



Heartless performance yet again, tactically inept in all areas and very few played for the badge. The sooner Matt Etherington is gone the better, and appoint Mark Bonner


Different week same s**t


Another awful performance, Etherington does nothing but stand there like a right prat, I feel for the fans that went today to watch that game. Cowling just doesn't cut it as an owner as he'll just drag us down even further


Shane Almond

You really don't want to hear my thoughts... been supporting this club since I was 13... I was as Barside as it gets. I'm actually crushed to see the club I love in such a shambles. Etherington needs to go but it's not just him. The rot at Col U starts at the top of the club!

Jeff Coates

The club is in a poisonous spiral of decay and despair. Keep appointing clueless untried managers and making appalling recruitment decisions with players. We are one of only 6 teams in L2 who haven't played non league in the last 30 years but perhaps our time is running out.


Started steady but got worse. The midfield battle became one sided. Poor crossing and lack of numbers in the box mean to score is very hard. It's looking grim at the moment.

Si Collinson

The phrase rhymes with ‘Clucking Bell’….