I MOANED before the season started that the old fixture computer had stitched us up with a long away trip to Hartlepool United for our last game, but to be honest I am quite looking forward to it now.

No pressure, no fear that should this be a crucial game and the U’s had lost, that it would be another five hours before getting home to cry into the pillow.

It seems that there will be a good number of fellow U’s fans up there seeing off the team and no doubt praying for the shirts off their backs at the final whistle.

Hopefully, it will be a nice day out for all of us. I have a lot of time for the tremendous efforts made by our travelling fans, especially this season when it has been tough.

The U’s have delivered some very good performances on the road though as a reward, perhaps even better than the home games, and with luck they’ll be giving us more of the same tomorrow.

Last Saturday had the feel of an end of season game with nothing really riding on the result other than pride and another couple of quid from the League Two prize money pot.

Walsall are a decent side and the U’s more than matched them.

I was pleased that we fought back for the point, and was able to leave the ground after the presentations, knowing that at least we kept pressing for the winner, even though we flunked several easy chances.

It was nice to see the players come out after the game with their families.

Kids everywhere of all ages. Wiredu being the proud father, doing his very best to juggle the trophies and his little one at the same time.

Tom Eastman’s lad was one of the tallest on show, which is no surprise there. Maybe another centre-half in the making?

I loved seeing Freddie with his three young lads too. Makes you kind of think that however much footballers are put on pedestals by fans, they are human after all and really just like you and me.

Thanks to all of the fans who stayed for a handshake and a photo after the game of course.

My only tiny disappointment was that despite being mentioned as runner-up once or twice, Freddie did not pick up any award for his goals and work rate, without which, the U’s would probably have been heading to the National League next season.

I look forward to him banging in a few more tomorrow just to prove a point.

There will be a fair few players maybe playing their last game for the U’s up at Hartlepool.

Those in on loan will be off to decide their futures, which of course might involve Colchester at some point. Others might have attracted suitors from elsewhere.

Fans have already started to ponder who might be heading off and to where, and for how many bags of coin.

Various football transfer sites are also throwing players names around like confetti suggesting that they are of interest to the U’s.

From my point of view, I do not begrudge players leaving us to play further up the food chain. They have choices to make on their futures and like I’ve said, they have families to consider too.

It pains me though when I see them hardly play for their new teams. Bigger club, larger pay packet on one hand, but most footballers I know, just want to play, not sit on a bench and be rolled out for reserve games.

Let’s see what happens, and in addition, what the U’s can do to strengthen their squad, because they simply must be challenging at the other end of the table next season.

Anyway, it is Hartlepool first, so good luck to the management and players, and best wishes for a safe journey to all of the U’s fans heading up to the North East to support them.