OH dear. Yet again it feels that supporting Colchester United should be in the list of 101 ways to die.

Just when you think there is a possible glimmer of light, it just turns out to be nothing more than the headlights of another looming defeat.

At Forest Green Rovers, we looked like a team that was making slight progress and heading where we should be going.

But then boom, Barrow bring us back down to earth.

Yes, Barrow, a place that unless you have a vested interest in Nuclear Submarines is probably somewhere that you would find hard to locate on the map.

We made them look good – they really were not - and in a relegation scrap six-pointer, we had every right to expect better.

But then it is the hope that kills you, I guess.


We need goals and that fact that our closest effort on Saturday was by a defender speaks volumes.

It has been a running joke this season to quote Mullins and his 'it's OK, the goals will come' comments.

From where I don’t know but people are very quick to blame the defence for the goals conceded.

But if the job is not being down up the other end, there does become an element of unfair blame attached to the defence over our results.

All the stuff on the pitch is not helped by what is now more than just a few angry mumblings amongst some fans. It is fast turning into a general consensus that change is needed.

If we give it a few more games and this trend continues with poor results, then it will be to late. Mullins has to go; it is time for Robbie Cowling to bite the bullet and give him the boot.

On the subject Robbie Cowling, once again the club chairman has come out and said things that have been widely shared on social media and rubbed the fans up the wrong way.

No matter whether or not if he thinks along those lines, some things are best unsaid.

Personally, I think the way forward to bridge the gulf between him and the fans – if it is at all possible – is to have a more open dialogue.


There must be scope to set up a meeting with him and a cross-section of our fans, from the support we have left.

This would enable him to sit down and have a clear understanding of the issues there are and possible solutions, doing it in a way that can them be minuted and published, allowing the fans to see their points have been raised and the club's response.

While I’m not saying we would get everything we want, it would be a start to get the issues over and for Robbie to engage.

Something is better than nothing and unless a route like this is taken, it could well mean that fans take it upon themselves to show their anger in a way similar to Oldham fans have this season, something that while highlighting the issues, does not necessary help to resolve them.

We are at a potential flashpoint and a single spark could ignite a fire that will be hard for anyone to stop or come out of well.

We need OUR club to survive, but to survive with dignity.

On the pitch, let's back the players as much as we can and hope ways are found to get all parties round the table to make constructive progress and understanding off it.

Up the U’s.