COLCHESTER United supporters have their say on their team's 1-0 defeat to Crawley Town.


A massive disappointment after last Friday. Started well but then faded badly and seemed to be little idea. Crawley keeper had a comfortable afternoon and we just didn't get in behind them to cause them any problems. Judge tried to get us going but the front 3 offered little.

Stuart Garrard

Too many players having an off-day contributed to our worst performance of the season.

David Clayton

Ultimately, the lack of a striker will make it a mid table season at best. We created 4 clear chances that should have been taken. Too cautious in possession; Judge, Jasper & Sears all found space between lines but the safe option was taken, sideways & backwards. Take a risk.

Matthew Woods

Very poor all over. Lack of a striker or anyone who can hit the target will cost us. Also cannot play skuse and judge in the same midfield together, they are to slow and not mobile enough to play them both and our midfield gets bypassed way to easily. I don’t see what skuse adds.

Sammy B

Poor. Miserable. Just didn't seem to be much fight, if any at all.


We need to stop playing long balls to nouble it doesn’t work and every team knows that’s how we are doing to set up, every attack ending up going back to the defenders, players no forward runs to be honest a load of rubbish

David Fincham

Second best across every area of the pitch. We held possession at the back, not where it counts in midfield and up front which suited Crawley as they always had time to regroup making space impossible and limiting chances. Got to work this out as the team is better than this

Tracey Welsh

Too slow and deliberate. Desperately need a goal scoring striker.

Teddy Dwan

U's just not gelling. Hard to criticize any individuals, looked lively but without any killer instinct. Disappointing at home again.

Freddie Emerson

Nouble coxe we’re just terrible. Fans support the players all the time then they don’t even come over at the end and clap us. 5-6 of them just walked off it’s embarrassing.



Crawley we’re decent, but we were far from good. No movement in the final third and we desperately need someone who can score goals

Si Collinson

I normally look for positives, but there were none. If it was not for another decent performance from George in goal it could well have been 5 or 6 -0. All our hard work away from home is being undone by poor showings at home.

Jason Drew

Nouble no existent Won no second balls We play short to 2 centre half’s who then knock it long..!!

Our team seem to have no cutting edge or most importantly no pace or no desire to take the game by the scruff of the neck.. #longseason


That game was as bad as I’ve seen in a few years. We’re paying the price for a lack of imagination and effort in the transfer market. Home games are not enjoyable experiences these days.

John S

Misera me performance incredibly disappointed we didn't get a striker when it's been shown time and time again how badly we need one and now we're paying the price What a shame

Mark Coleman

Why do we play so differently at home than we do away. No urgency, individuals, poor crosses.

Georgina Davies

We're better than that, we definitely need a striker, we left before extra time


crawley were good. we were woeful. nothing else to say.

Duncan Stonehouse

I wouldn’t say Crawley were any good, they just had a game plan - allow us to knock it around sideways ponce about it with it going nowhere - then hit us on the break and actually shoot. They were time wasting at 0-0. This league is dreadful, but it’s looking like a long season

Adam Walker

Boring match


miserable performance at home, need a striker because the amount of chances we waste is ridiculous. past 15 minutes we looked so lifeless

Matthew Blaylock

You don’t win matches by being better than the opposition for only 15 minutes of a game! We didn’t win possession from a single 50/50 challenge and lacked movement ahead of the ball when attacking. Lots of improvement needed if we’re going to challenge this season

Euan Shepherd

I never want to see nouble through the middle again, doesn’t run and offers absolutely nothing. If we aren’t going to sign a striker at least put sears through the middle.

Anthony Clachan

Spineless weak no fight no passion nothing overall very very poor