A WEEK in football is a long time as the saying goes, but with the current situation it almost feels like a day or so is an eternity.

We have the very strange situation where events outside of the football bubble, in the wider world are having a very big impact on even the day to day running of the clubs.

No sooner do we seem to have a step or two forward it is ten back.

Clubs across the EFL have been getting ready to welcome limited fan numbers back this coming Saturday, only for the carpet to be ripped from underneath the feet of them when they need the income.

The Government in one broad stroke have threatened the future of a number of clubs, without, I feel, looking into the great work that they have done to ensure a safe outside environment is even safer and ready to welcome fans back.

Step forward Mr Robbie Cowling, a man who we all know is not backwards in coming forwards.

He has become the voice of pretty much all the League chairmen with his open letter to the Prime Minister.

He makes some very good points in how we are allowed to do certain things, such as sit in a pub or on aeroplanes, which are enclosed close confines, where as we are not allowed to sit in an open air stadium, something that rings very true and needs to be addressed soon.

As he says, it is now about the much wider picture. Every club has a number of staff behind the scenes that are living in limbo of an unknown future.

How can they say pubs are allowed open till 10pm, while a football club that is a staple of the wider community has to remain closed to the one group of people it relies on?

Anyway, back to the brighter side of Colchester United life and the events on the pitch.

Barrow was the long haul destination for this weekend's trip.

A newly-promoted club, which for travelling fans would have been a nice one to tick off, with a team who have made a bright start to their League campaign.

Northern teams have never been a happy hunting ground for the U’s of late, although the 3-0 win at Carlisle last season was a highlight.

In the end, both teams played out a hard fought draw but there were a number of highlights for the travelling side.

We looked compact and strong in all areas of the pitch.

Noah Chilvers scored his first league goal with a wonder strike, sadly though it was cancelled out by a thundering effort of the same high quality by the home side after half-time.

Once again, instead of being happy for the point the lads pushed Barrow all the way and were unlucky not to have a late penalty after a foul on Luke Norris on his welcome return to the side, or a late winner from Miles Welch-Hayes with his header just, from the looks of it, being deflected over the bar.

All in all a point was a fair result from an enjoyable game. We are still unbeaten and looking a decent well set-up side.

Once the last few remaining players come back from their niggles, we will have a nice few selection headaches.

So in these uncertain and very changing times we have the plus point of the fact we are playing well.

And as long as we do not rest on our laurels and kick on, will have a strong season.

But this is coupled with the worrying news off the pitch about how many teams will survive and even if the season will actually finish.

One thing we all need to do is stick together and support the club in any way we can.

We are all in this together and with one aim, to see Colchester United for years to come. Up the U’s.