WELL that League Two announcement last Friday goes to prove that you should not believe everything you read and hear.

With that in mind, please feel free to disregard anything I say here of course. Rumour control remains a difficult animal to manage.

Who would have thought that all 24 clubs would come together on such a big decision.

It’s a given that it probably took an awful lot of work to reach unity on a combined view, and whilst we all wait for ratification from the FA and EFL, at least it provided, in these dark days, a chink of promotion light for the U’s to give everyone a boost.

The possibility of a play-off semi-final against Exeter City will also be affected by whatever the League One clubs eventually decide on.

Their differing agendas present a much more complicated scenario in terms of relegation and how many teams to let chase a place in the Championship.

Could Tranmere Rovers be relegated with ten games left for them to play?

The chance of promotion for the U’s is an exciting prospect, but as I said last week, the financial hurdle of actually going through the play-offs will also need to be overcome and of course, the welfare of the players and management must also be considered.

Best we all keep our eyes peeled for further news any day now. Saying that, things always seem to happen on a Friday in football, so by the time you read this, you may already know.

Robbie Cowling called the situation “bittersweet” and that makes perfect sense. In fact an awful lot of what our chairman comes out with rings true.

His statement on the “vote”, and the potential future, was also open and honest, and in my view that’s great to read.

Yes, he will keep some U’s matters private and close to his chest, and that may upset a fan or two, but so would all of us in his position.

Get him speaking on the business of football though, and he will lead the way, like he has done on several occasions during this crisis.

I am so glad that our club is not in the hands of certain other owners around the country.

Robbie also touched on the salary cap proposal that the EFL are planning. I am assuming that this would be of a slight advantage to the U’s.

A more level playing field perhaps, although the figures quoted show that the League One cap is double that of League Two.

Potentially that’s seems like a lot of extra money to find for players wages for clubs moving up if they were aiming to be at that “level”.

Plenty more news to come from that story, but it’s clear that football will need to change as it emerges from this pandemic, and managing ones purse will definitely play a big part in that change.

Hopefully, the 90 minute, 11v11 game itself will be back to normal at some point, with you and I back in our normal seats, Balti pie and coffee in hand, enjoying the company whilst supporting the U’s to victory.

Stay safe, take care and of course, stay alert for further U’s news!

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