WELL, what a strange week it has been – even in light of these times we are living in.

There was no Gazette article from me, last week; hopefully some of you do read it enough to notice.

Anyway, the reason for the lack of article was because I was rushed to hospital via ambulance with what turned out to be a gangrenous appendix, which was removed during an emergency operation later that night.

I would like to thank all at Colchester General Hospital for their commitment and professional care they gave me, even more important given I was there alone with no visitors allowed.

One special mention goes to the Paramedic Chris who attended, who in his spare time is one of the Hospital Radio Colchester voices who cover the U’s games.

He's a great bloke and hopefully he gets the credit he deserves.

So enough of my turbulent week. I was filled with dread when it was announced that the League Two clubs had voted and decided to end the season.

I honestly thought it would be null and void, but it seems that from a U’s point of view it has worked out better than hoped, at least provisionally.

Subject to ratification, we have made the play-offs.

No more information has been disclosed as to what format these will take place under, but our potential game against Exeter City will clearly be behind closed doors.

It will be interesting to find out where it will be played but the main thing is that we are now in a position to have a hand in our own destiny.

I have seen televised games played behind closed doors, but nothing like the German Bundesliga over the weekend.

Officials and subs wearing face coverings on the sidelines, subs made to sit and observe social distancing.

Then on the pitch, you could hear everything from the ball being kicked, to players shouting instructions. It was all very surreal.

It was nice to FaceTime chat to my friend and fellow U's fan Nick during the game, to watch football together the best we could.

But after the wait it felt flat, knowing this is what we will be watching for the foreseeable future.

Football in England is slowly reaching the conclusions in one form or another. From the bottom up, the outcomes are being announced.

For me, any leagues planning on playing behind closed doors should look to play at training grounds instead of stadiums.

That way it would be cheaper and safer due to their locations are mainly out of town and not as many stewards are required.

Plus nowadays the training grounds are just good, if not better, than the pitches at the grounds.

No matter what happens in the professional game, the grassroots side will struggle to restart anytime soon.

How can we be in a position to allow 22 players plus officials etc to turn up and play the game on a Sunday, when we are not even allowing a full opening of pubs?

It will send out the wrong message and would turn outsiders away from what we are trying to achieve.

I still long for this to be over and the world safe once more but once this season is put to bed, we need a foolproof plan going forward into the next campaign.