I COULD not be prouder of Colchester United than I am right now.

Being a supporter for about 40 years has brought its fair share of ups and downs and nothing will top the Wembley victories and the promotion party at Yeovil.

But Tuesday night was all about the new era, the creation of new memories and histories to cherish for a lifetime.

It’s not over the top at all.

The U’s were brilliant against Spurs and because they wanted it more, they defeated one of the best teams in Europe.

The stadium was buzzing, our fans were out of this world and the U’s players were quite simple breathtaking.

Credit is due to everyone at the U’s from Robbie Cowling downwards.

You have to have a water-tight game plan and work your backside off when you know that possession of the football will be

rare for 90 minutes and they executed that perfectly.

Until my dying day I will always be a fan of Tom Eastman. The U’s best kept secret ever in my opinion.

He was quite incredible alongside his excellent buddy at the back, Luke Prosser, who many a U’s fan mistakenly thought

would be out of the picture this season.

Behind them and perhaps the best acquisition of the summer, is Dean Gerken.

Excusing the comical blip against Orient last Saturday, he has been an absolute rock in goal.

You build a top team from the back and these guys are the bricks and cement for the U’s.

Re-enforced by the hard work of Jackson and Bramall and the shield of steel that was Lapslie, Comley and Stevenson and whatever Spurs attempted to throw at them was doomed to fail.

The troubled Premier League side only had four shots on target all game. That’s how well the U’s did.

Could we have sneaked the win in normal time rather than rely on our confidence at spot-kicks?

Towards the end it was looking that way.

As Spurs pushed forward in desperation and committed numbers, Senior made some good breaks into the space left behind. He’s a threat going forward that’s clear and one day the final execution of what he develops will succeed more times than not.

The reward for one of the best U’s performances I’ll ever witness is sadly not one of glamour ties of the last 16, with all due respect to Crawley Town.

That said, what an opportunity for us to make the League Cup quarter-finals.

Play as well and work as hard as we have done against those Premier League teams and Crawley will be blown away.

What a night of football that will be and I can’t wait.

Wait we must though because the importance of League Two must come back into focus.

You may recall that we just about got through to the three points last Saturday.

I do so wish the U’s could game manage a bit more and not leave us to destroy our finger nails in nervousness.

It’s back to earth with a bump and a chance to progress into the play-off positions with a good result at Macclesfield.

Hopefully our guys will be well rested after Tuesday and do the business.

Thanks as always for your support of the U’s.

Good luck and safe journeys to everyone tomorrow.

Jon Burns, Colchester United Supporters Association chairman