IT is 16.50, Saturday afternoon; a sea of smiling faces bellow out the words to the now favourite chant of "Every Saturday we follow....".

Colchester United's travelling supporters have just witnessed a clinical team performance at Northampton Town and at times, some of the best football we have played in seasons.

The team come over to applaud the fans and you can see the pure delight.

At that moment, the connection and spark between players, management and fans is complete.

Now I know it is not something that happens every week and there will be days to forget but moments like that make all the early mornings, miles travelled and disappointments all seem worth it.

People support a football team for different reasons - family connections, place of birth, first team they saw on TV, the list goes on.

Now I have nothing against anyone supporting Premier League teams - as long as they remember football started long before 1992 - but can they really say they have the connection and empathy that lower league fans feel?

Only last month, Spurs lost at home (well Wembley) to Man United; Marcus Rashford celebrated in front of the 'home' fans and there was a sea of smart phones taking pictures.

Now just think what would happen if an away player did that in front of the South Stand? The gestures and language would be colourful to say the least.

But it does not just stop there. It is so nice to see at games that our players take the time to stop and chat to fans.

They come across as humans, people that can be related to and share experiences with.

Unlike what you see on Sky Sports of fans held back, players arriving and leaving with headphones on or using their phones - unless your Thomas Muller, then a passport can become a phone - almost acting like they are above the very people who are the life and soul of the club.

We have in John McGreal and Steve Ball, a management team who I feel understand how important the fans are.

While there are those who disagree at times with their tactics, I would like to think the effort they have put in to how the players and fans connect is to be commended.

The club feels more united than ever and last Saturday, the new January window additions looked a perfect fit and had an instant impact.

Hopefully it's the last piece of the promotion puzzle - with teams above us still to play, we really are the masters of our own destiny.

I really hope that the positive result away from home will draw a big crowd on Saturday for Cheltenham Town at home.

Come along as see for yourself what supporting your local team is all about.