COLCHESTER's Mercury Theatre is well-known for its incredible set designs when it comes to its biggest productions - and Midsummer, directed by Ryan McBryde, is no different. 

The rose-tinted musical rom-com explores love, life, and aging through the comedic escapade of an unlikely couple.

The English premiere of David Greig and Gordon McIntyre's show is part of a co-production by the Mercury Theatre and the Barn Theatre in Cirencester.

Designer Libby Todd created an imaginative, multi-level and mostly fixed stage-set showing Edinburgh off both in glorious sun and fittingly, in the rain. 

Gazette: Comedy - Ross Carswell as Bob and Karen Young as HelenaComedy - Ross Carswell as Bob and Karen Young as Helena (Image: Pamela Raith)

The stage's background was a featured wall of glow-in the dark umbrellas which would change colours to reflect the two love song-birds changing moods and growing feelings for each other. 

Costumes including a deep pink tulle bridesmaid dress, black satin heels and, of course over the top rain coats, were changed in and out of on-stage particularly by the lead actors Ross Carswell and Karen Young. 

Gazette: Moment - Karen Young as Helena and Will Arundell as Narrator 1Moment - Karen Young as Helena and Will Arundell as Narrator 1 (Image: Pamela Raith)

Narrators Will Arundell and Laura Andresen Guimarães had numerous props for quick gags as well as many lighting motifs - created by lighting designer Rory Beaton.

Diegetic sound was played from guitars and piano by all actors, led by music director Paul Herbert with numerous special effect sounds representing smartphones which were produced by sound designer Mark Melville.

The show is playing until May 18 and tickets can be purchased by visiti