ACTORS Karen Young and Ross Carswell are set to take centre stage when the Mercury Theatre’s upcoming show begins later this week. 

The leads in the Midsummer have spoken to the Gazette about how comedy is central to their play as a “anti-Hollywood Rom-Com”.

Midsummer by David Greig and Gordon McInytre is about two lonely and vastly different 35-year-olds who meet during a wild weekend in Scotland.

Karen, who plays one of the play’s romantic leads Helana, describes Midsummer as a “Edinburgh love letter” which combines music and comedy from the indie era mixed “in a musical style”.

While Ross, who plays the show’s other romantic lead Bob, said that it was “Love Actually meets Trainspotting”.

Gazette: Cast - Will Arundell (Left) and Laura Andresen Guimarães (Right) portray narrators, (Front) Ross Carswell and Karen YoungCast - Will Arundell (Left) and Laura Andresen Guimarães (Right) portray narrators, (Front) Ross Carswell and Karen Young (Image: Pamela Raith)

Karen said with the humour - or “Scottish patter” - there is "a bit of reality with the awkwardness of it”.

Both Karen and Ross agree the play avoids any outdated message that only romantic love can lead to fulfilment.

Ross said: “The message of it is more if you choose to have good people around you.

“It enables life but it does deny the messiness of life."

Ross’s favourite song is from the first time Bob and Helena meet when they propose to do a song together.

It was performed in a stripped-back way for the play’s promotional music video.

Another “really funny number” Karen said is the song about being hungover but her personal favourite song is the ballad Old Time sung by the narrators as Bob and Helena walk through Edinburgh.

Karen added that is “a really beautiful moment” as well due to the theatre’s backdrop by designer Libby Todd.

When asked about director Ryan McBryde who recently staged a new version of the Importance of Being Earnest, Ross said: “He’s wanted to do this play for eons, and you can feel that passion.

“You can feel that entire passion within the Mercury, it’s a really supportive and community-based theatre.
“Every element is invested to make people to come to this play and enjoy it.”

Midsummer runs from May 3 to May 18. 

To book tickets visit here:  Midsummer - Mercury Theatre