A PEDESTRIAN has been branded “stupid” by a disbelieving driver who caught him on camera hopping over a closed level-crossing in Colchester.

The dashcam clip, captured by TiKTok user Dills Dashcam, shows the man walking up to the closed barriers at Hythe Station.

In the video, which has amassed more than 200,000 views, he then daringly clambers his way over both sets of barriers in a bid to bypass the need to wait.

The owner of the TikTok account regularly shares videos of crazy incidents on the roads and has said he was “shocked” to see it happen.

He said: “It is incredibly stupid.

“I know it may seem like a small barrier which is easy to climb over, but someone could so easily get stuck or trip and fall over.

“I was just shocked to see someone’s sheer stupidity, thinking ‘I can do this and get away with it’.

“He was so blasé about it.”

The TikToker has nearly 4,000 followers on his account and has amassed nearly half a million likes.

Two of his most popular clips both featured incidents on the A12 - one being a late merge and the other showing a driver attempting to move cones to escape the queues at the roadworks near Colchester.

The latter received more than 12 million views.

Gazette: Site - the level crossing in Hythe Station Road as seen from the stationSite - the level crossing in Hythe Station Road as seen from the station (Image: JThomas/Geograph)

“I have seen a few people do it before,” he said.

“I have seen it happen over at Greenstead a few years back, I just think people see the opportunity and take it.

“After he crossed the barriers the train came about a minute later and thankfully nothing serious happened but that is beside the point, it could have been so much worse.

“Some of the comments on the video are worrying too, saying 'so what', but you just can’t argue with some people."

'Follow the rules'

Network Rail has urged residents to follow the rules when approaching a level crossing.

A spokesman said: "It is so important for level crossing users to follow the rules to stay safe.

"Level crossing barriers, warning lights, alarms and signs are in place for a reason.

"Ignoring these safety measures as a train is approaching can lead to serious injury or worse.

"It simply isn’t worth the risk to save a few seconds. Follow the rules. Stay Safe."