A GROUP of nursery workers have joined forces to support a vital community charity supporting people with autism. 

Four women who work in nurseries started the “Walk for Autism” fundraiser in March to support Autism Anglia, a charity close to their hearts. 

The goal is to walk 50,000 steps each week throughout the month to raise much-needed money in aid of children and adults in Colchester. 

Autism Anglia provides a range of services for people with autism to help them live as independently as possible. 


It also supports parents of autistic children to apply for assessments and government support. 

One of the fundraisers is Emma Osborne, 32, from Berechurch, received support from the charity after her son’s diagnosis. 

She said: “I moved to Colchester in 2016 and I've noticed how strong Colchester’s community was and how much they wanted to support each other.  


“This great charity needs to continue the work in the community, and we need to make sure it can keep going. 

“It's such an amazing charity for all parents who’ve got children with autism.

"They’ve got all the ties for the kids and not make them feel alone and that they're part of the community.” 


Emma will be joined by a number of women for the fundraiser, for which the group has set up a fundraising website


The initial goal of £200 was quickly achieved, so it decided to raise the total.

The goal is now to raise as much money as possible ahead of Autism Acceptance Week in April.