A SPECIAL school is set to get a state of the art drama studio which leaders say is "vital". 

The specially designed studio will be created at Doucecroft School which is run by Autism Anglia. 

Money will be raised by Colchester based Premier Print and Promotions to make the unit at the school in Abbotts Lane, Eight Ash Green, a reality. 

The print company, celebrating its 30-year anniversary in 2024, has long supported Autism Anglian.

James McQuiggan, chief executive of Autism Anglia, said: "We are delighted that the team at Premier Print and Promotions are supporting our charity so generously.

"We appreciate the huge time and effort they are putting into the fundraising to create a vital new studio at Doucecroft School."

The new drama studio aims to become a multifaceted venue for students to explore various aspects of communication, potentially uncovering hidden talents.

Through improvised or script-based performances it is hoped the youngsters can boost their confidence levels.

Furnished with mirrors, curtains, lights, modular staging, and a sound system, the venue will emulate a real-world stage environment.

Pupils will have the chance to experiment with light and sound, roleplay diverse scenarios, and empathise with characters' emotions, thereby enhancing their own communication skills.

Some students, finding their own self-expression challenging, stand to benefit immensely from the opportunity to portray fictional characters.

Tansy Pye, leader of learning for the creative arts at Doucecroft School, said: "We have young people who find it difficult to communicate but will sing into a microphone.

"Some who find coordination and motor skills challenging but will dance to music, and some who might not know how to act in a shop or what might be expected of them but can portray a shopkeeper in roleplay."

Premier Print and Promotions has already planned a host of fundraising activities to raise the necessary funds for the drama studio.

This includes a 100km walk and a skydive.

The managing director at Premier Print and Promotions, Ryan Askew, said: "We love to get involved with the community and charities.

"When an opportunity to support Doucecroft came up, it seemed like a great fit.

"We are planning many exciting ways to generate awareness and funds for this fantastic project."