KARL Duguid is confident Colchester United can flourish both on and off the pitch with the Cowleys at the helm.

The appointment of Danny and Nicky Cowley as the U’s new management team last month has lifted the mood around the JobServe Community Stadium.

Colchester’s fans are playing their part, with the Blue White Army encouraging supporters to show their support with flag displays at home games.

Duguid is encouraged by the group’s efforts – and the U’s legend believes the future for his old club looks bright under the Cowleys.

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He said: “With the Cowleys coming in, let’s hope it works hand in hand because you want it to grow together.

“They want to try and create an atmosphere that’s warming for the fans and the players.

“They’re up for it and they’re in a position where they were out of work as well and I’m sure they’ll be thinking ‘we want to really prove ourselves’ as well.

“I think it’s a good fit right now and both parties want to prove themselves.

“It’s great that they’re local lads as well, because that helps.


“They know the league, they know what it’s all about and they know what it takes to get out of this league as well.

“All the fans want to see is a committed team who are giving their all.”

Danny Cowley has led Colchester on a four-match unbeaten run since taking charge last month.

The U’s are looking to move away from League Two relegation danger and former U’s favourite Duguid is encouraged by what he has seen.

“You can see the enthusiasm he has and the way that he is,” added Duguid, who won two promotions at Colchester.

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“I’m sure he’ll tinker with different things, because it needed it.

“Let’s get it right; it wasn’t working before they came in and it needed a change.

“It’ll be gradual and I’m sure it won’t just be a case of ripping everything up and saying ‘right, we’re doing this now'.

“I don’t think they’re in any trouble, this season – I never have thought that.

“Even after coming away from the games I’ve been to at times and thinking ‘that wasn’t great today’, I’ve never had any doubt that they’ll pull away.


“Don’t get me wrong, you were probably reliant on two other teams being worse than you at the time but I don’t believe that now.

"I think we’ll pull away and build a place where people want to be, an atmosphere, a philosophy and whatever they want to do ready for next season and then move on, when they’ll want to really go for it, next season."

Duguid, who now has his own legend flag at the Community Stadium, will be taking part in a special BWA fundraiser event next month.

The U’s legend will be at the Other Monkey Brewing in St Nicholas Street, Colchester on Thursday, March 28 from 7pm.

Tickets are priced at £5 per person, with a Q and A, event signed artwork and photo opportunities on offer – click here to book.