THERE are so many places to pick up a tasty burger in Colchester.

High Street is lined with options – from Big Mouth at one end to Love Thy Burger at the other, and chains like Five Guys and Burger King wedged in between.

And now there is a new name in town… enter Brim Burgers. But how does it compare?

A friend and I popped into the new fast food joint on a lunchtime stroll around the city centre and we were greeted with a warm, friendly welcome from the staff.

We were the only people there initially but it soon livened up with another group popping in for lunch and a constant stream of delivery drivers collecting orders for hungry at-home diners.

Gazette: New - Brim Burgers in Colchester High StreetNew - Brim Burgers in Colchester High Street (Image: Newsquest)

The menu was plentiful without being overwhelming, with a great selection of beef and chicken burgers, which can be doubled or even tripled up, as well as hot dogs.

I opted for a beef burger topped with cheese, turkey rashers, onions, lettuce, and caramelised onions, while my friend picked a burger with chilli jam, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sweet chilli sauce.


Gazette: Inside - the seating areaInside - the seating area (Image: Newsquest)

My first reaction was one of surprise. I’m sometimes fussy but the burger was excellent and worth every penny.

My friend said her burger was of very good quality and that she wasn’t expecting the burger to be so succulent and juicy, far exceeding her expectations. She also really appreciated the different flavour brought by the chilli jam.

Gazette: Tasty - we both ordered a burger and chipsTasty - we both ordered a burger and chips (Image: Newsquest)

She’s even said she’s been craving it ever since, and I think I agree.

We both enjoyed our delicious side of fries, which were piping hot and offered with a choice of herb and garlic salt or cayenne and oregano seasoning.

I would say in terms of quality its closest competitor is Five Guys, and its pricing is comparable too. Overall, I actually thought it was better than Five Guys.

Colchester is Brim Burgers’ seventh location in England, and its website reveals it is also planning to open three more branches elsewhere in the country.

I wish the team every success and look forward to trying another flavour combination.