I love pizza – so Colchester’s bottomless pizza restaurant has been high on my list of places to try since it opened.

Moto Pizza has had a popular following in Chelmsford since it opened in 2018, and its success led to the opening of a second restaurant in Colchester High Street last year.

I went on a quiet Wednesday night, and after a busy day at work I was ready to indulge in endless amounts of pizza.

The concept is simple - pizza is brought to the table and is served by the slice.

All you need to do is switch on a green light on your table to indicate you’re ready for pizza and switch it off when you’re ready for a break.

Gazette: Cosy - The interior of Moto Pizza is lovelyCosy - The interior of Moto Pizza is lovely (Image: Newsquest)

It works in a similar way to Preto, a Brazilian steakhouse, which is slightly further along the High Street.

We arrived at just after 6.30pm and were greeted by the friendly staff – and by 6.35pm I was tucking into my first slice of pizza.

Gazette: Quick - Our first slice of pizza turned up within five minutes of us sitting downQuick - Our first slice of pizza turned up within five minutes of us sitting down (Image: Newsquest)

There’s no menu so you don’t know what creations are going to come out of the kitchen.

During the hour we were there, the staff offered us a choice of 19 different pizzas – including old favourites like a margherita and four cheese pizza, to more adventurous choices like mushroom, chilli, and honey, and tomato, broccoli, and smoked cheese.

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My favourite was the spicy salami, smoked cheese, and nduja pizza, while I didn’t really enjoy the ham and sausage pizza.

A friend of mine, Annie, joined me and really enjoyed her slice of pizza topped with tomatoes, pesto, and parmesan.

Neither of us were particularly keen on the Bolognese pizza – which felt slightly like a hate crime against Italian food – although one of the staff insisted it was her favourite.

Gazette: Questionable - The Bolognese pizza left a lot to be desiredQuestionable - The Bolognese pizza left a lot to be desired (Image: Newsquest)

At first glance, Moto Pizza feels like amazing value, with bottomless pizza costing £17.50 per person, but the cost is comparable to a normal pizza and most people are unlikely to eat more than that volume of food.

A soft drink will set you back by up to £3.20, so drinks and extras are definitely where things add up.

Dips cost £1.50 each and we both thoroughly enjoyed the garlic mayo.

Gazette: Kitchen - All of the pizzas are freshly preparedKitchen - All of the pizzas are freshly prepared (Image: Newsquest)

All things considered – I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Moto Pizza. The pizza itself was delicious – in fact, I’d probably call it Colchester’s best pizza.

The good food, great atmosphere, and delightful staff make it easy to recommend Moto Pizza.