DO you remember Route? Straws? V-Bar?

Remember when ATIK, in High Street, used to be the Hippodrome?

Or how about when Colchester had a Chicago's nightclub? Before the chain closed sites across the county.

It is a well-known fact we like a drink in Colchester, for better or for worse.

There's so much choice in the city centre today that you're never short of somewhere to go on a weekend or for a cheeky drink during the week.

But with the forthcoming closure of ATIK in two weeks’ time, following other business closures, it is obvious the city has lost many nightlife hotspots over the years.

Gazette: Closing - ATIK, in High Street, ColchesterClosing - ATIK, in High Street, Colchester

The market has become more and more difficult for night-time traders, as is well documented.

Earlier this week the owner of the Rubix bar and nightclub, in Crouch Street, told the Gazette: "Although I'm excited and relatively positive for the months ahead I think the stark message to everyone who enjoys a good night out in Colchester has to be 'use us or lose us' in these uncertain times."

Gazette: Vibrant - Rubix, in Crouch Street, ColchesterVibrant - Rubix, in Crouch Street, Colchester (Image: Jeremy Durrant)

Over the years, the city has lost some great venues. Some were known for their cheap drink deals, others for their dance music nights.

Sadly, many of the old favourites are gone forever, sometimes being replaced with new establishments.

But we'll always have memories of our old favourites.

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The iconic bars and clubs Colchester has lost over the years

V Bar, in High Street, welcomed its final punters in March last year.

It had been a staple of Colchester nightlife for two decades and its closure was met with widespread disappointment and upset.

Gig photographer and V Bar frequent Jonathan Dadds reflected fondly on the time he had spent in the venue, known for its incredibly steep staircase.

Gazette: Missed - Partygoers enjoy a night at V BarMissed - Partygoers enjoy a night at V Bar

Speaking ahead of its closure, he said: “The number of people who crammed into the downstairs to watch live music on a Friday night was always nuts.

“I somehow made it through my 20s without falling down the stairs, although there was always someone who did.”

The bar is no longer sitting empty, with the Bees Indian restaurant opening in its place.

It sits almost directly opposite the former Sky Rooms, which is now Three Wise Monkeys.

In Osborne Street there was Straws, a popular shot bar, which closed in 2018.

Gazette: Throwback - StrawsThrowback - Straws

It became a 24/7 taxi booking office, but it is now occupied by Jimmy’s restaurant.

Queen Street remains a popular area of the city centre for night owls, with partygoers often dancing the night away at Silk Road and Fashions.

But some of their neighbours have disappeared from Queen Street.

Chicago’s was one of them. It became TP’s after it closed, but the building is now a creative business centre.

Further along Queen Street was Route - a popular nightclub which now sees Colchester residents sweating from pumping iron rather than dancing as the home of The Gym Group.