DO you remember Route? L’Aristos? Tartan House?

Remember when Colchester had a Chicago's nightclub? Before the chain closed sites across the county.

Or how about when Atik, in High Street, used to be the Hippodrome?

There's so much choice in the town centre today that you're never short of somewhere to go on a weekend, or for a cheeky drink during the week.

But it is also obvious the town has lost a lot of nightclubs and bars over the years.

The market has become more and more difficult for nighttime traders, as is well documented.

Some were known for their cheap drink deals, others for their dance music nights.

There really was, and still is, something for everyone in the town centre.

Gazette: Route nightclub as it was in ColchesterRoute nightclub as it was in Colchester

Sadly many of the old favourites are gone forever, sometimes being replaced with new establishments.

But we'll always have memories of our old favourites.

So we asked you for your favourite nightclub or bar from back in the day.

Among those suggested were the Embassy Suite, L’Aristos and the Windmill in Copford.

Gazette: The Hippodrome, High Street - owner Steve Peri with Eastenders stars, Marc Bannerman and Michael Greco, at the opening of the Colchester Hippodrome ExperienceThe Hippodrome, High Street - owner Steve Peri with Eastenders stars, Marc Bannerman and Michael Greco, at the opening of the Colchester Hippodrome Experience

Here is what you had to say:

  • Abbie Shannon said: Mondays and Tuesdays at the hippodrome in early to mid 90s. Indie night and student night. Thelmas at the art centre on a Friday.”
  • Sherri Cooke said: “Tartan House every time. Also the Andromeda. The Affair club too. Not forgetting Colne Lodge albeit not a nightclub as such!!!”

For some there were tales of romance sparked in town centre establishments.

  • Jennet Pile said: “Tartan House, met my Hubby there Christmas Eve 1980.”
  • Added: £Loved the tartan house Friday and Saturday nights. My hubby took over as dj from Ian black in 88 anyone remember Kevin Peter’s dj and Mickey on the lights. My hubby proposed to me live on stage infront of hundreds. Sadly no more.”
  • Alan Goggin said: “Andromeda. Met Mary there on a Saturday in 1970. Afterwards for coffee at the Marks Tey transport cafe or doughnuts with extra sugar at the Kursal Southend. Great days and nights.”

Route, Hippodrome and Andromeda were also popular options.

  • Maruska Signorelli said: “There was Roberto's, then a club in the duch quarters... Valentino's and the Chicago in Queen Street. Ahhhh what a good time”
  • Rob Pooley said: “Hippodrome had many a great night loved foam parties there.”
  • Rachel Morris Morton said: “Best music was at The Tartan House. Probably had the most fun at The Hippodrome and The Windmill. Happy days.”
  • Cathie Coleman said: “Hippodrome Thursday, Kings Friday and Saturday, Chicagos Sunday......what great times and memories.”
  • Tasha Waikari added: “Clubbed at hippodrome, worked at Valentino’s both good places 20 years ago.”
  • Gemma Boylan said: “Used to do hippodrome on Tuesdays and Thursdays (sometimes route) then King's Friday back to hippodrome on the Saturday and Chicago's on a Sunday!!!!”
  • Ben Worden added: “The underground at Essex uni had some great club nights back in the late 90’s early 00’s.”
  • Michael Brown said: “L'aristos.... central proximity of location, stylish, good music and plenty of parking space.... followed closely by The Affair club, well laid back, not so loud music enabling to actually chat socially without having to shout and the famous coffee lounge prior to departure...”
  • Scott Logan Bethell said: “Hands down it was Route, three areas of music, the best local and guest djs, a floor that wasn't a puke stained sticky carpet.... and the staff were second to none you clearly loved to be there and weren't just doing their job.”
  • Janet Gediking Curtis added: “The ....Trend ....George Street. It was small but fun times, and well known groups played there. The Andromeda. The Windmill... memories are great...”