A LUXURY grooming parlour has been transformed into a “one-stop doggy destination” after opening an on-site day care centre offering “cuddles and play.”

Muttley and Mabel, in Acorn Place, on Severalls Business Park, Colchester, has launched its stimulating new play centre after relocating to a larger premises.

The state-of-the-art facility, which can accommodate 25 dogs, boasts an exciting activity zone and also a designated calming area where tired pooches can rest.

Dog owners can drop-off their precious pets for half-day or full-day sessions, both of which offer dogs boundless opportunities to play, exercise, relax, and socialise.


Over the course of a day, play centre manager Ellie Brown, alongside colleague Zinnia Martin, will also ensure she spends one-on-one time with each and every dog.

Jo Clarke, who co-owns Muttley and Mabel with Jo Nixon, said: “The demand [for a day care centre] was clearly there and lockdown has made a huge difference.

“There were millions of puppies born during the pandemic, which is over and above the normal numbers, so there is huge demand now.

“People who were at home looking after their puppies have now gone back to work, so there is a situation where they do not have anyone to look after the dogs.

“It was an obvious thing to offer, having so many grooming customers who already trust us with their fur babies.


“It is quite structured, if the owners and dogs want that and it really enhances everything the dogs learn at home.

“You can just drop your dog off and go to work and then pick them up and they will be tired and happy. It is very much like a children’s creche… with more barking.

“It is a one-stop doggy destination and all under one woof.”

Muttley and Mabel’s day care centre, which costs £22 for a half-day or £31.50 for a full day, is open between 8am and 6pm, but earlier drop-offs can be arranged.

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The complex happily accepts all dog breeds, regardless of their neutered status, but each pooch must first pass a temperament test.

Jo added: “It is a legal requirement as far as licensing goes but for peace of mind the test is essential. It makes sure the dog is a good fit and we are a good fit for the dog.

“Ellie meets with the owner and the dog, gets background on behaviour and habits, and then takes the dog in to meet another dog in the day care.

“That is then monitored to see how they interact – it just means the new dog feels really happy and not anxious because we want them to look forward to coming here.

“There is no aggression and no anxiety and nothing for dog owners to worry about – just lots of cuddles and lots of play.”