A reconstruction and appeal for information about the murder of Terry Leeks in Basildon is set to feature in a BBC show this week.

Terry was 46 years-old when he was fatally assaulted in Northlands Park at around 1.30am on July 11 last year.

To date, 13 people have been arrested in connection with his murder with two 15 year-old boys and two men aged 17 and 19 currently released under investigation.

The other nine have been told they face no further action.

His case will feature on Crimewatch Live on BBC One on Thursday morning (October 13) at 10am.

The appeal will feature an interview with senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Louise Metcalfe, a reconstruction of Terry’s last movements, and CCTV footage which are the last images of Terry alive.

DCI Metcalfe said: “It’s now more than a year since Terry was taken away from his family and the pain they feel for their loss has not diminished.

“It’s not clear exactly why Terry was attacked but what we do know is that it was brief, it was brutal, and his attackers left him there to die.

“There are people out there in the community who know what happened to Terry and know who was responsible.

“I’m hoping they see this appeal, they watch Crimewatch Live, they examine their conscience, and decide now is the time to do the right thing.”

In an appeal marking a year since Terry’s death back in July his mum and dad said: “The last year has been hell really, we’re just trying to get through it one day at a time.

“He didn’t deserve that, he really didn’t.

“We just can’t believe that no-one has come forward. Somebody must know something, we don’t know how they can live with themselves.

“He wasn’t an angel but he had a kind heart. He would do anything for you.

“He’d help anyone, if he could do something for someone then he would.

“If anyone knows anything, no matter how small, after all this time, please just come forward.

“It’s not going to bring him back but it would just help get justice for him”.