A PENSIONER who might just be the unluckiest motorist in Essex has been fined after a car he had yet to purchase drove through a low emission zone… days before he owned it.

David Powell, 67, of Monkwick Avenue, Colchester, has received an £80 penalty from Transport for London which could increase to £240 if he refuses to pay it.

He was slapped with the financial punishment after his new Citreon Berlingo was caught travelling through an Ultra Low Emission Zone on September 9.

Mr Powell, however, did not actually buy the car until four days after the offence had already been committed, so says he is not responsible for the charge not being paid.

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“The first time I set eyes on the car was on September 12 and that is when I made arrangements to go down and see it,” said Mr Powell, a retired psychiatric worker.

“The next thing I know I am getting the logbook come through saying I actually acquired it in August and then a separate letter fining me for £80.

“I did not even own the car then, so I got the police involved and now they are investigating it.

“Transport for London do not believe I was not in those places and said I would have to pay the fine - so I just told them I would see them in court.”

This is not the first time Mr Powell has received a driving or parking fine when the offence he was accused of committing was not his fault.

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Earlier this year he was contacted by bailiffs over a £750 fine after a car he had sold was parked in a bus lane five days in a row.

The following month the Welshman was threatened with a £200 fine after a blue Ford still registered in his name was left abandoned in South Street.

On this occasion, as well as being served a penalty notice, unlucky Mr Powell says he was also sold a dodgy car.

He added: “In the pictures it was absolutely immaculate but it started making some funny noises.

"After getting it inspected I was told it was too dangerous to drive. I am at my wit's end with this and buying second-hand cars.”

Transport for London has been contacted for comment.