A BAFFLED driver who was slapped with a fine after selling his car says he has now been threatened with court action over an abandoned vehicle which isn’t his.

David Powell, 66, from Monkwick Avenue, in Colchester, is said to have received two letters from Colchester Council regarding a blue Ford left in South Street.

The Welshman, who moved to the area three decades ago, says he has been threatened with a £200 fine which could increase to £2,500 if he is prosecuted.

Colchester Council believe the discarded car is registered in his name with the DVLA even though Mr Powell says he has never owned the car.

The retired psychiatric worker did, however, once live in a flat near to where the vehicle is currently parked and believes he knows the official owner.


“I was really intrigued at first by the way they were talking to me as if I owned the car but I then gave them the details of the person who owned the car,” Mr Powell said.

“I am not yet sure who exactly is to blame on this one, but I have been told by the council I need to prove to the DVLA that I am not the owner.

“I told them I have absolutely nothing to do with this car - I am too old now for any of this kind of nonsense."

The latest incident comes after Mr Powell was slapped with a series of bus lane fines for a car he had already sold.

“They are determined to take me to court and I do not know how to stop it," he added.

"They are hanging me up in a wardrobe and then pulling me out when they feel like it.”

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Responding, a spokesman for Colchester Council said: “The council can only act on the information it receives from the DVLA, until proven otherwise.

“If Mr Powell believes the notice was sent to him in error, he should contact the police and the DVLA at the earliest opportunity, with supporting evidence, so the matter can be investigated.

“In the meantime, if he wishes, he can contact us directly to discuss the matter further.”

The DVLA declined to comment.