Former Colchester schoolboy Darren Day has revealed how he spent five months sleeping in a car after he spent his million pound fortune on cars and drugs.

The 53-year-old actor and TV presenter was speaking about his life in 2005 and 2006 when he was declared bankrupt.

Darren revealed he spent £900,000 on his cocaine addiction which then led to the star having to owe £600,000.

It left him living in his friends car as bailiffs had taken his own car away.

Speaking to The Sunday Times he said: "I was homeless. I slept in a friend’s car in North London.

"Mine had been driven away by the bailiffs and this friend’s husband let me sleep in his old car.

"I would park up in this car park in Hampstead from the summer until about November when it started to get too cold. I had no sleeping bag. I just slept under some coats.

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"I didn’t even have a bank account. I barely ate or drank, and I didn’t even need money for the drugs because I’d spent so much with my dealer over the years, he was giving me freebies."

Darren, who appeared in I'm A Celebrity and Celebrity Big Brother, said his drug habit worked out at £2,100 a week at one point.

He also said he believes he has spent a staggering £500,000 on cars.

Earlier this year Darren revealed how Robbie Williams helped him get back on the straight and narrow after he went on a week-long cocaine binge in lockdown.

The presenter admitted in the seven days he did not sleep, eat or change his clothes.

The West End star had been clean for a number of years after battling back from addiction.

Darren is currently performing in Chicago which is touring the UK and will be performing in Footloose next year.