Former Colchester schoolboy Darren Day says Robbie Williams helped him get back on the straight and narrow after he went on a week-long cocaine binge in lockdown.

The 53-year-old actor and TV presenter admitted in the seven days he did not sleep, eat or change his clothes.

Darren revealed how he barricaded himself in his bathroom and took '20 to 30 grammes of cocaine' within a week after his company went bust and his work dried up due to the pandemic.

The West End star had been clean for a number of years after battling back from addiction.

He says he recovered thanks to his friend Robbie Williams and the support of his fiancée, Sophie Ladds.

A year and a half on from the relapse he told the Sun about the ordeal.

He said: "I barricaded myself in the bathroom for seven days. I didn’t eat at all. I didn’t change my clothes for a week. I didn’t sleep.

“It was last May and I was so stressed, I hadn’t earned since February 2020 and I was four days away from rehearsals for Footloose when all the theatres closed.

“I had to liquidate my company, I got no furlough, I wasn’t entitled to Universal Credit."

Darren admits he 'lost a week of his life' and left his fiancée sad by his actions.

Robbie stepped in to support Darren after getting a call from the distressed star.

Darren said: "When I rang Robbie when after what happened last year he wasn’t disappointed. He’s never been disappointed. He’s just incredible.

“I suppose it is because he sees a lot of me in him — and I see a lot of him in me.

“I don’t mean to sound too dramatic but I love Robbie like a brother and he has been the most incredible support."

Darren was put back in touch with a mental health support team and is now much better.