A 21-year-old who vowed to complete 90 rounds of golf in 90 days has surpassed the halfway mark of his charity fundraiser.

Oscar Finch, who runs Fairmont Property Group with his brother Toby, teed off at Colchester Golf Club on Tuesday September 7 as he embarked upon his challenge to raise £9,000 for the mental health charity Mind.

Hobbs Cross Golf Centre, in Epping, was the 49th golf course Mr Finch has completed since September – but he still has another 31 golf courses to fit in before his deadline on Monday December 6.

Since the start of his bid to raise money for charity, Mr Finch has amassed £2,000, ploughing through golf courses in weather both good and bad.

He said: “The worst weather had to be at the course in Stoke-by-Nayland – from about 9.15am to 1.30pm it rained non-stop.

“I’m not talking showers – I’m taking a torrential downpour.

“We went inside before starting the second course, and as soon as we got out there the heavens opened again.”

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Generosity has not only come from donors, though – nearly every club he has played at has agreed to waive the green fees in order to help his cause.

Entrepreneurial by nature, Mr Finch also managed to accumulate donations at the British Golf Show, where he was given a stand for free because it was in the name of charity.

“We created a “chip shop” challenge where you had five slots to chip the ball into the hole,” he explained.

“It worked really well and people kept coming back to try again.”

Mr Finch’s final game of golf for his fundraiser will take place at Frinton Golf Club, one of the tougher courses out of the 49 he has played so far.

“December 6 is the final day of the fundraiser – we will be at Frinton to play my final round which is where we will wrap it all up,” he said.

“There have been times so far where it’s been chucking it down with rain and it can get you down – but there’s a certain level of resilience you need to keep on with these things.

“99% of the time I have enjoyed it so far.”

Donations can be made to Mr Finch’s charity fundraiser by visiting www.gofundme.com/f/90-rounds-in-90-days.