Visiting all 90 golf courses in Essex in as many days sounds a relatively realistic challenge - playing a full round of golf at all 90 courses in as many days, however, sounds a far greater test.

Ambitious as it may sound, that is the challenge Oscar Finch has undertaken as he aims to raise £9,000 for the charity Mind.

He will embark upon his first golf course on Wednesday, September 8.


Mr Finch, who is 21 and runs Fairmont Property Group in Alresford with his brother Toby, has named his challenge 90 Rounds in 90 Days, and he will travel the length and breadth of Essex playing a full round of golf on each and every course in the county to attain his £9,000 target.

Running his own business at 21, Mr Finch is a young man full of ideas – and it was while he was in his car one evening that the inspiration came to him as to how he was going to raise a small fortune for a charity which is meaningful to him.

He said: “I was driving around one night and I thought ‘What can I do?’ “I thought I could maybe do an Ironman, but I thought I’m not quite fit enough for that yet, but I’ve loved golf for years now, so I thought I would raise money by doing something I loved doing.”

Mr Finch is certainly going to have to do a lot of it if he is to reach his target – his own calculations show he takes on average 20,000 steps for every round of golf, which amounts roughly to 10k for every round of golf.

And Essex is not exactly one of England’s smaller counties, either, measuring some 1,420 square miles in area – which perhaps explains why it can so easily accommodate 90 golf courses for Mr Finch to play on.


As for the number of shots he is likely to play over the course of 90 rounds, Mr Finch has, of course, calculated that as well.

“With my average score that I get a round in, we are looking at something like 7,500 shots over the 90 days of golf.”

And what about the physical demands of playing golf?

It may not as high-impact as other sporting disciplines, but one would imagine that 7,500 swings of the golf club will start to take its toll day after day.

But Mr Finch reckons that the physicality of the challenge is a storm he can weather.

“It will just be blisters and my hands which will take a bit of a beating,” he said.

Having contacted literally dozens of golf courses about his charity fundraiser over the past few weeks, Mr Finch has already been given a major boost by the various clubs which have offered him the chance to play for free, given his efforts are all in the name of charity.

“A lot of clubs have been very generous and have offered to waive the fee to pay the round,” he said, which all helps to boost the charity total.

Mr Finch has done the maths already.

“From local knowledge, the average green fee is about £40,” he said.

“Across 90 rounds, I reckon I’ve saved about three grand in fees so far – that in itself is a donation, really.”

But what is it about the charity Mind that Mr Finch felt would be such a worthwhile cause for all his time and efforts?

“From what I can see, mental health has been at the forefront of people’s minds and I think that’s fantastic but it needs a bigger push,” he said.

“There are hundreds and hundreds of charities out there that do fantastic work – I had a shortlist, and Mind is always one that’s been on my mind, so to speak.

“They were always a go-to charity if someone I know needed some sort of support.

“I know some people who have gone to Mind, so it had a real importance to me.”

With the tee-off date only a matter of days away, the 90-day marathon of match play is soon to be underway and as such, Mr Finch will be hoping to get into the swing of things very quickly.