A HUGE elephant sculpture has been unveiled as part of the new 3D floral display in Castle Park in Colchester.

The 2.5 ft tall willow elephant, woven by artist Jo Hammond, is the centre piece of this summer's display, which sits in the town centre park not far from Colchester Castle.

Made out of locally sourced, hand harvested and sustainable willow, Jo first created a clay model of her idea to ensure she had got the proportions right.

It was then planted with bamboo, verbena, rudbeckia, canna and begonia.

Colchester has a long-standing connection to elephants.

Roman Emperor Claudius marched them through the town, then called Camulodunum, to receive the submission of British Kings.

Elephants are also how Victorian water tower Jumbo got its name and the basis for the Fixing the Link wayfinding trail in the town centre.

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The 3D flower display is located inside the Cowdray Gates of Upper Castle Park and is available to view until early autumn.

Beverly Oxford, Colchester Council's communities boss, said: “Elephants have played a big part in Colchester’s history and it’s wonderful to see this celebrated in the park this year.

"This stunning display will be enjoyed by thousands of visitors of all ages.”

Visit www.colchester.gov.uk/castlepark for further information about Castle Park.