A FORMER pupil at a disgraced former Colchester school said he was “beaten up and bashed about” and witnessed other students being sexually abused.

An independent report found “sexual and physical abuse was institutionalised in the culture” at the Oxley Parker School in Mill Road which closed in 1998.

It has since been demolished.

Law firm Andrew Grove and Co has managed to get compensation and money for therapy for more than 70 ex-pupils who suffered abuse at the school after it opened in the 1970s from a fund set up by the Eastern Counties Educational Charity.

It was scheduled to close in May, but a High Court judge ordered it be extended until August because of the impact of coronavirus.

Former pupil Gary Rudd, 55, who is in the suffered physical and emotional abuse whilst at the school and attempted to commit suicide at the age of 17

He blames the school for his poor emotional state.

“I was beaten up and bashed about by staff, deprived of my freedom and kept from my family,” he said.

“On one occasion a pitchfork was thrown at me but luckily I managed to dodge out of the way.

“As well as physical abuse on a daily basis there was a lot of sexual abuse going on between male and female staff and the boys.

“ A female member of staff was having sexual relations with two of the boys in my dormitory.

“This was carried on in front of the rest of us.

“Oxley Parker School was a terrible place to have to live in. The memories never leave me.”

Earlier this year, social media star and bodybuilder Aaron Lambo spoke out about being sexually abused at the school.

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His bravery has led to several other people coming forward.

Solicitor Katherine Yates from Andrew Grove and Co: “This firm has been in contact with over 120 former pupils of Oxley Parker School, but I know that there are more survivors out there who are yet to tell their story and who could benefit from this compensation scheme and therapy fund.

“For those whose claims do not meet the criteria for a payment from the scheme it is not too late to join the litigation group, but if you wait until August 31 it will be.

“If you are a former pupil of Oxley Parker School then please reach out to us before it is too late.”

Ms Yates can be contacted on 01223 367133 or 01223 627273 or by email at katherine@andrewgroveandco.com