A BODYBUILDER who has become a social media sensation has revealed he was one of the students who was abused at a Colchester school.

Aarron Lambo posted a video online urging anyone who suffered at Oxley Parker School in Mill Road, Colchester, or anywhere else, to come forward and talk to someone about what happened.

An independent report in 1997 found “sexual and physical abuse was institutionalised in the culture” at the school which closed in 1998.

It has since been demolished.

The muscleman posted an emotional appeal alongside specialist lawyer Katherine Yates to his 1.1 million Facebook followers explaining he had been both physically and sexually abused when he was there by a paedophile nicknamed The Ghost.


He said: “When I was young I got put into boarding schools.

“I was abused in all of them – two of them really bad – one of which I decided to look for pictures on Google because I wanted to post something on Instagram.

“When I looked it up I saw these news articles and it was about all of these children that had been abused.

“They were looking for someone the kids used to call The Ghost.

“I rang the number at 11pm thinking it would go to answer phone and Kathy picked up.

“I said to her: ‘I know who The Ghost is’. I described the room to her and said it was my room.

“We sat down and spoke and she said ‘You’re the boy the others are talking about in their statements’.”

Mr Lambo said one of the abusers had followed him on social media and another was a bodybuilder like him.

A previous video he posted saw more than 20 come forward and open up about their own experiences.

He added: “If you have suffered any abuse at all at Oxley Parker School in Colchester then come forward.

“Speak to Cathy at Andrew Grove and Co.

“If you suffered any kind of abuse it is important you take action.

“If I’m brave enough to tell everyone what I went through and what happened to me and that I was a victim – a survivor – if I can hold my hand up then you can too.

“It doesn’t matter if it is a completely different school or situation entirely you need to go and see somebody and speak to somebody.

“I have been doing it the last two years and it saved my life.

“It is ok to feel angry – it is natural – but you have to speak to somebody or you will do something you regret.

“I am so pleased I managed to help 20 or so of you in the last video.

“I want to say it is the bravest thing I’ve ever heard with and I’m glad one of my videos was able to help in such a way.

“What they did to us, the games they used to play, the bets was unacceptable.”

A scheme has been set up by the Eastern Counties Educational Trust, which owned the school, in order to compensate the victims of abuse but it closes in May.

Andrew Grove and Co are representing more than 100 abuse victims from the school which was open between 1972 and 1998.

To contact them call 01223 367133.