MERSEA Island Judo Club hosted the Mersea Invitational Championships, at Mersea Island School.

A total of six judo clubs from Essex took part in the event, with excellent judo and sportsmanship on show all day.

Results, gold trophy winners - Stan Woodhouse, Evie Mitchell, Aiden Pagent, Molly Fairclough, Peter Bednark, Alfie Mitchell, Charlotte Shaw, Bobby Boorman, Sid Harrison, Erin Cross, Jasmine Boorman, Jamie Lwaford, Rosie Daines, Jonathan Banks, Lincoln Kelly and Caleb Cross.

Silver trophy winners - Arnounus Smigelskis, Xavana Blake, Zac Mole, Elsa Green, Mason McLaughlin, Noah Kelly, Mya Woodhouse, Riley Reed, Edward Hart, Ella Boorman, Milly Longman, Toby Mole, Misty, Ed Lee and Iona Urquhart.

Bronze trophy winners - Stephen Gale-Ballard, Iona Urquhart, Reuben Smith, Dakota Johnston, Jack Swift, Elliot Bayford, Catlin Frisby, Tedus Puklevicius, Joseph Swannell, Brooke Emmerson, Farne Urquhart, Daniel Dowsett, Jasmine Boorman, Jo Falzon, Harry Steward.

Jonathan Banks was awarded his 1st Dan black belt after performing Go-no-sen Kata, a formal display of counter throwing techniques.

He performed it with his uki partner Ed Lee and passed with a distinction.

Banks had also been tested on all judo syllabus including throws, holds, armlocks, strangles, chokes, counters and combination techniques.

He had a line up of contests with six of brown and black belts.

Sensei Kate Dawson said: “Jonathan started at my club when he was six years old.

"His grading was of such a high standard in all aspects that he can wear his black belt with pride, knowing he has earned it outright.”