FRINTON teenager Jordan Rowe’s unbeaten run this winter continued after he was crowned Southern Cross-Country Champion.

The 17-year-old has not lost a race this year but was given his closest run yet on the quagmire of Parliament Hill, London’s iconic cross-country course.

Rowe led from start to finish over the gruelling ups and downs of the 6km course but could not shake off rival Mahammad Mahammad, from Southampton, until the run in to the finish.

“Once I got into the lead at the top of the first hill I thought I might as well stay there if I can,” said Rowe, a student at Tendring Technology College. “It worked out well because I wasn’t getting any of the splash back from the mud. “But I was getting a bit nervous when I couldn’t shake the guy off.

“I had to dig deep though because I really wanted to keep my winning streak continues.”

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