PEOPLE often complain they do not understand the language of today’s youth.

But things are about to get a lot more difficult now youngsters are rapping in German.

Thomas Lord Audley School, in Colchester, invited a rap artist to help pupils, aged 13 and 14, with their German lessons.

Karl Nova, who describes himself as a poet, rapper and freedom writer, helped the teenagers adapt the German they had learnt into lyrics on life in Colchester.

Francesca Mahon, a Year 9 pupil, said: “It’s great. It’s something new and a different way of learning.”

Ashleigh Greene, who is also in Year 9, agreed it had brought the language to life. She said: “He’s really good at rapping. We should do this more often.”

The day was organised by Melissa Capes, head of modern foreign languages at the school, in Monwick Avenue, who was voted National German Teacher of the Year for 2009.

As well as a session on rapping, the students also spent time making a video with specialist Toby Roberts, and a soundtrack with musician Dan Dolman.

These were then mixed with the rap.

David Boggis, assistant headteacher, said: “Karl enthused and captivated the students with his contemporary and engaging approach.

“The clear message was music and rapping, key elements of youth culture, can be used in a different context to help improve learning of a language in a much more inclusive way.”