PIE crusts and custard flew through the air as a world record was smashed.

The sound of a bugle rang out around a parade ground, launching a record-breaking custard pie fight among 253 members of the Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade.

The group were at Mersea Outdoors Centre, East Mersea, for its annual youth camp and huge cheers rang out as adjudicator Marco Frigatti announced the attempt had been successful.

Organiser Steve Weller, activities co-ordinator for the brigade, said: “This is our annual camp and we always like to do something different.

“Someone suggested trying to break a world record and we decided to go for a custard pie fight.

“The previous record was about 120 people and we’ve got more than 250 people.

“It’s been totally worth the effort to do this. It’s been excellent and everyone has really enjoyed themselves.

“Fortunately, I’m quite short so I managed to avoid most of the pies.”

Mr Frigatti, vice-president of records for Guinness World Records, said: “A record is always a way of bringing people together to achieve a goal.

“The kids were amazed at being able to become world heroes and having fun at the same time. I have been following how much organisation went into this record. It’s difficult to prepare for, which people don’t realise, but they’ve done very well.”