WORLD Cup football matches are unlikely to be beamed on to a giant screen in Colchester’s Castle Park.

For the past three years, Colchester Council has installed the summer screen in the park during Wimbledon fortnight.

As well as free viewing of the action from SW19, visitors have also been able to buy tickets for the Pictures in the Park event which shows a range of classic movies.

But Colchester Council’s culture boss Tim Young (Lab) said it was unlikely they would show football matches from Russia in the summer, although talks will take place after England secured their passage into the tournament.


Tennis - the screen will continue to show Wimbledon and several films but it is unlikely to show World Cup games

Mr Young said: “In the past, we have always said we will not show football on the big screen.

“Now England have qualified we may look at it again but I would not hold out much hope of it happening.

“Showing football is very different to tennis and films and we have got to think about the neighbouring residents - I am sure they would have something to say about us showing football matches.

“We have seen in the past some of the pubs showing England have encountered a bit of trouble.”

Gazette: Wimbledon Men's Final on the Big Screen in Castle Park Colchester.

Crowds - families taking in some tennis during the Wimbledon fortnight 

The month-long tournament, which could also involve the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland if they get through a play-off stage, will see kick-off times staggered through the afternoon and evening for fans viewing in the UK.

Wimbledon fortnight would coincide with the latter stages of the World Cup with both finals set to be played on the same day, but council bosses are in talks about extending the time the screen is in place for.

Mr Young added: “Having it there for longer is certainly something we are looking at.

"The films are reasonably priced and popular so we want to meet the public demand as much as we can.

“As long as we can work it out so the screen more than pays for itself then we will try and make it work.

“It has proved popular and we want to try and attract as many people as possible into Colchester.”

Last year’s screen showed films including Dirty Dancing, the Jungle Book and ET and also hosted a video game tournament.