A BOGUS council worker has been targeting elderly residents by claiming he needed to cut off the electricity.

Police were called to Magnolia Drive in Greenstead as a man, who was not in uniform and had no form of identification, had been saying he needed to cut off the electricity for three days.

He said he would come into the house and set up a generator.

Cath Wilson, 84, was targeted but she was smart and refused entry, calling the police afterwards.

But she is worried not everyone is as proactive.

She said: “It happened at about lunchtime, he said he was from the council and was turning the electricity off in the whole street at 3pm.

“He was asking if there was anybody younger in the house and I just answered him - why?

“He said as I was elderly he could come in and fit a generator, he didn’t even say which council he was from.

“All he seemed to be interested in was whether there was anybody younger in the house and I found it all very suspicious.”

She contacted councillor Julie Young about the incident, which happened on Thursday.

She said: “Since then a few oth - er people have got the same calls, it didn’t feel right to me, normally the council would write letters.

“There are lots of elderly people in the estate, I went and told one of my friends who is in her 90s.”

She described the man as being tall, with curly hair. He was wearing a dark top, and had an English accent. Mrs Young, ward council - lor, said it was an outrage.

She said: “What is worrying is he seemed to be questioning her with a view to understand whether she lived alone or not, to ascertain whether there would be any resistance if he came back later.

“I was a bit concerned about that, I just think it’s absolutely outrageous for elderly people to be targeted in this way.

“People need to be vigilant with people who come to the door and be very sceptical of what they say at the doorstep.

“Goodness knows what their intentions are, but they are not good.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “Most people who call at your home will be genuine but it’s important to be on your guard and remember there are bogus callers about.

“Always be sure the caller is who they say they are before letting them in. All genuine callers will have identification and won’t mind you asking to see it. Don’t be frightened to ask for identification and always check it carefully. If you’re not sure, ask them to come back another day.”

Call 101 with information.