A BUSINESS group has urged the people behind an electoral change in Colchester to make the Hythe one single ward.

At the moment, the area falls into New Town, Harbour, St Andrew’s and St Anne’s.

But a review is being carried out by the Local Government Boundary Commission, which will cut the number of borough councillors to 51.

It means some ward boundaries will be redrawn.

Alistair Heron, vice-chairman of Hythe Forward, said: “This review gives us an opportunity because our core purpose is to maximise the regeneration of the area.

“Our view is it would aid our mission of the whole of the Hythe was a ward.

“It would concentrate people’s attention on the issues.”

Mr Heron admitted it is unlikely a new ward would be created for the Hythe, but said the whole of the former port could be included in New Town.

He added: “A large proportion of our residential area is in New Town, so that would make sense.

“The Hythe would then become its business district so to speak.”

A consultation on the boundary change is running until Monday, August 4.

To take part, go to consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/2947.