Extract 1

James Brown Snr: Yes, **** brilliant.

William Brown: She’s mullered ain’t she... That’s got to make a lot ***** harder... Is that why they’re holding off? She might of died a few weeks ago.

James Brown Snr: She might of died a few weeks ago. **** hell, only possibly way, and now has to sell her home, to pay costs. **** hell.

There is then talk about “still nick you”, and James Brown Snr mentions they “can’t put that down to me, she had cancer before I turned up”.

William Brown: They can try, that’s the end of the game, they’ll still come and try.

William Brown: Of course they will.

James Brown Snr: I can give a good account now.

William Brown: They’re **** James Brown Snr: What was her name, Gladys?

William Brown: Grace, oh her real name Gladys. Ohh that would be good news!

James Brown: Would, wouldn’t it!

Discussion about last time they were there in October

Con artists jailed for 27 years and eight months

Extract 2

William Brown: Can’t blame it on us, had it before we knew her.

James Brown Snr: That’s right Appears to be checking internet on phone - “Passed away Colchester Hospital Dec 24, 2012, mention of service taking place at Weeley Crem in Jan.

William Brown: So when did she die Jim, during December?

James Brown Snr: Day before Christmas, that’s why they have to get others.

William Brown: **** hell that is good news, that is good news, that’s why they’re holding off Jim.

James Brown Snr: What, to interview me?

William Brown: Yep, they’re fishing to find something else, it’s obvious she ain’t enough.

James Brown Snr: They can’t say she died because of me!

William Brown: Of course not, she had cancer before we got to her!

Further talk about police investigation and last time they were there William Brown: They have been left well short Jim, they haven’t got her Jim.

James Brown Snr: We got to be careful now, even more careful.

William Brown: Yeah, they’re thinking, **** we can’t let them get away with it again.

James Brown Snr: That’s right.

Extract 3

William Brown: She’s gone Jim, it’s good news init.

James Brown Snr: It is, isn’t it.

William Brown: We know what they’re gonna come up with, ***** James Brown Snr: “It’s got to be better” mentions it was cancer that killed her.

William Brown: That’s what killed her end of story, now that’s why they haven’t been back to you so far.

He then mentions that’s why Essex Police and Trading Standards have not been back to old addresses and old customers.

Extract 4 - James Brown Snr on phone

Good news Grace is dead, she died 24th December, cushty, her place is up for sale, boarded up.

Googled it and it said she passed away in hospital December 24, ***** result, hey?

... Why yeah, I said to Willy, they’ll try and say I caused it and question me, the ****** That’s why they stopped me going there, they ain’t going to pursue without her about, they can’t anyway.

... That’s alright init, result.

... That’s alright James, I told you there’d be good news. It can’t be bad, it can only be in my favour.

You could have had that bungy (bungalow) by now but it’s better this way, we wanted to go another year or two.

Mentions funeral took place January 13.