THE Colchester Free Festival will not be held this year.

Organisers say they are concentrating on the 2015 event, which will be held over two days.

They want the festival to eventually generate money to fund arts in the town.

The festival in Colchester’s Castle Park was revived in 2010 and included live music, comedy, theatre and stalls.

Andy Winmill, organiser, said: “We've been overwhelmed by the level of support from volunteers and businesses.

“Taking a year out will enable us to build on that goodwill and seek the partnerships, investment and funding to ensure the festival continues on solid foundations and becomes a community asset that can generate a surplus to fund arts and creativity in the town for years to come.”

Traditionally the event has ended at 7pm, but organisers say the first day of next year’s festival will go on later into the evening.

It has been pencilled in for Saturday, August 29 and Sunday, August 30.

Marc De'ath, co-organiser, said: “The festival to date has led a rather hand-to-mouth, year-to-year existence and it's time to scale our ambition and grow our team.

“It will put things on a more sustainable footing and place Colchester well and truly on the festival map.”