A brave teenager is campaigning to raise awareness about anorexia and ban “thinspriration” websites which help victims hide the condition from their families.

Lauren Barlow, 15, has battled anorexia nervosa since she was just 10-years-old and over a four year period gradually lost weight until, at the most worrying point, she weighed half of what would be considered healthy.

Following a host of medical tests she was diagnosed with an eating disorder when she was 13 and, along with her family, underwent months of intensive therapy.

During this period Lauren had completely stopped eating and was prescribed nutritional drinks to keep her alive.

And it was at this point, when Lauren’s condition was under close scrutiny, that she turned to ‘pro ana’ websites.

She said: “They encourage you to lose more and more weight and give you tips, one of the pages was ‘70 reasons why you should starve yourself’ and there are thinspiration images that show emaciated thin young girls and boys.

“They are absolutely awful."

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For more information visit b-eat.co.uk or childline.org.uk