The Stanway bypass was officially opened today with the help of a vintage bus and a Rolls Royce. 

Councillor Rodney Bass' Rolls Royce was the first car to drive along the route with other councillors and staff from developers O&H travelling in a 1950s vintage bus. 

The £4.5 million road will be the final link from the A1124, Essex Yeomanry Way north of the Tollgate retail area, to Warren Lane, just north of the Dyer’s Road junction.

The bypass will ensure that much of the through traffic is removed from the existing residential areas along Warren Lane, helping to vastly improve the area for residents and aid the creation of a new community.

Councillor Rodney L Bass, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation said: “I am looking forward to seeing this brand new section of Highway, which is a welcome addition to the Essex highway network.

"The bypass will help to reduce the traffic in residential areas and will prove to be a key route in the establishment of a new community area.”