THOUSANDS of scouts and guides paraded through Colchester to mark St George’s Day.

About 2,000 boys and girls also renewed their promise behind Colchester Castle yesterday.

The Brownie Guides were given the honour of leading the parade to mark their 100th anniversary.

Families also lined Colchester High Street during the parade, which took place at about 3pm.

Colin Sykes, Colchester Mayor, welcomed the parade into High Street after attending a church service in St Peter’s Church, in North Hill.

Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell, president of Colchester Scouts, attended the parade and was “very proud and very impressed” with the turnout.

Amongst those taking part were two of Sir Bob’s grandsons, both of whom are members of the 1st Colchester Scout Group which is amongst the oldest in the world, having been formed in 1908.

Mr Stuart Gibson, District Commissioner for Colchester Estuary District Scouts, added the turnout was “phenomenal”.