A FAMILY are still fighting for their daughter’s health fours years after she was born at 24 weeks.

Holly Young weighed just 1lbs 7oz when she was delivered.

Her twin sister, Abigail, only survived for an hour after the birth.

Holly spent a year at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge but still has health problems.

Now four and a pupil at St George’s Infant School in Colchester, she is underweight, suffers with breathlessness, chest infections and sickness.

She is awaiting a second operation on a heart defect that allows blood to flow from her heart into her lungs.

However, her mum and dad Blake and Selina Young, are planning to take legal action over the misdiagnosis of whooping cough at Colchester General Hospital in January this year.

Her family are concerned it has delayed treatment.

Mr Young said: “When you have got a medical professional telling you something you have to believe them.

“But when another medical professional tells you different things, what the hell do you do?”

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