Forget loud music, karaoke, pool and spirits Colchester’s latest pub venture is set to be just all about real ale.

Friends Barry Udale and Nigel Smithson are hoping to open Colchester’s first micro pub, specialising in real ales and ciders, which will be supplied from mostly local breweries.

There will be no spirits or lager served in the Barrack Street venture and the pair are promising that this will be a place for real ale lovers, where a range of about six ales and ciders will be regularly changed.

Mr Udale, 62, said: “Beer is it for me, I think it also about the company, real ale drinkers are good company and have always got something to say about it “The idea of the micropub, not to be confused with a micro-brewery, is to offer a quiet location which offers real ale lovers the chance to enjoy their passion for tasting and talking about different real ales and ciders, without having to compete with loud music, nosy party-goers, gambling machines and sometimes drunken behaviour often to be found in many busy town centre pubs.”

They believe between 20 and 30 people will be using the pub, which was formerly a motorcycle shop, during any one session.

It is aptly set to be called The Bikers’ Arms.

They have applied for a change of use and a licence to play music and serve alcohol.

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