A RETIRED lollipop lady says there is no telling what could happen to children if patrolled crossings are axed.

Pauline Meader, who worked as a lollipop lady in Monkwick for ten years has called on Essex County Council to re-think its plans.

She said in a decade of experience, she has learned children cannot always be controlled when crossing the road outside schools.

Mrs Meader, 67, added: “I can’t begin to see why they’re thinking about doing this.

“In my eyes, it is a 100 per cent ‘must have’ - somebody has to be there.”

She also said: “Unfortunately, there is no telling what would happen if these go.

“I know children cannot always be controlled outside schools because maybe they are excited or late for whatever.

“So many times, children ran out in front of cars and even when I told them they shouldn’t do that, I would not get a response.

“They are playing with children’s lives and I would back The Gazette’s campaign.”

Mrs Meader retired eight years ago having spent a decade helping school pupils cross Monkwick Avenue, in Colchester, and was not replaced.