All for one and one for...fencing?

The popularity of The Musketeers, which has been running on BBC One, has had a somewhat unexpected consequence for fencing clubs.

Colchester and District Fencing Club now has about 70 members, and chairman Lyndon N Taylorbelieves many of the recent new memberships are down to the Musketeers series, which sees D'Artagnan using flamboyant fencing techniques.

From the light sabre battles of Star Wars to the swashbuckling sword fights in the Pirates of the Carribbean, the show is the latest in a long line to have inspired people to take up the sport.

Mr Taylor, described by some as the grandfather of British fencing, has witnessed the effect that such shows have on the sport during his almost 40 years at the club.

He said: “These things do have an influence, take Star Wars and Darth Vader in the original when they did the sword fighting, it was the [Olympic fencer] Bob Anderson who doubled for him.

“All these sort of things encourage people.”

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