A WIND turbine up to 110m tall could be built near Great Bentley.

Energy company RES wants to build the turbine on an area between Frating Abbey Farm Road and Plough Road, north west of Aingers Green.

The turbine would generate enough electricity to power 1,000 homes.

A public meeting to discuss the plans will be held next week.

Michelle Howley, a project manager for RES, said: “With gas prices continuing to rise and one fifth of our conventional power stations requiring replacement in the next few years, single-turbine wind projects like this one are an important part of our energymix.

“Not only will the renewable electricity generated contribute to the security of national energy supplies, it will also feed in to the local distribution network and could supply local homes and businesses.”

The company has said it hopes to submit a planning application to Tendring Council later this spring.

RES has sent letters to nearly 3,500 homes and businesses close to the site inviting them toameeting to take place in the Michael Wright Room at Great Bentley Village Hall, in Plough Road, on Tuesday, between 2pm and 8pm.