A councillor would like to be able to post dog mess through the letter boxes of lazy owners as he believes the warden’s current powers are not enough.

Martin Hunt, cabinet member for street and waste services, feels dog wardens are at a disadvantage as they must wear uniforms and be visible, meaning it is hard to catch owners red handed.

Although he acknowledged it would not be possible, Mr Hunt said: “I would be very happy, if I got the chance to witness someone letting their dog foul on the pavement I would bag it it up, follow them down the road and put it through the letterbox.

“I know that is horrible, but that is what they deserve, but I suspect that is illegal.”

And it appears he is not alone, with some readers having used rudely worded signs to warn off persistent foulers, other suggesting sticking brightly coloured flags in the piles and others chalking messages next to them.

In September last year Colchester Council launched its Responsible Dog Ownership Strategy, which includes its responsibility to enforce dog fouling laws.

But Mr Hunt said: “It is like parking enforcement, they have to wear uniforms and the fact is while they are walking along nobody will fail to clean up after their dogs."